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The stomatological faculty


The stomatological faculty was organized in 1978. The first dean of the faculty was assistant Professor V. P. Shurygin. Since 1979 at different time the deans of the faculty were Professors V. A. Protsenko, N. V. Sysoyev, assistant Professor N. I. Ovcharenko; all of them did much for its development. Since 1997 the faculty has been conducted by Professor L. I. Avdonina. Since 2011 the faculty has been conducted by Professor Sergei Igorevich Zhadko.

At the faculty 200 students are taught on a budget basis and 400 students on a contract basis, including foreign citizens from 18 countries. Among 127 teachers of the faculty there are 17 doctors of sciences, Professors, 53 candidates of sciences, 28 of them being assistant Professors. Aside from 4 stomatological departments (of therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic and children stomatology), the faculty includes 10 clinical and theoretical departments, headed by the leading scientists and clinicians of the University: the department of forensic medicine (the head of the department: Honoured Worker of Science and Technique of Ukraine, laureate of the Albert Schweizer Gold Medal, holder of the order «For achievements» of the III degree, Professor A. A. Babanin); the department of pathological physiology (the head of the department: laureate of the State Prize of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, Professor V. Z. Kharchenko); the department of surgical diseases with the course of urology (the head of the department: laureate of the State Prize of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, Professor V. V. Zhebrovsky), the department of otolaryngology (the head of the department: the main specialist of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, assistant Professor A. G. Balabantsev) and others.

In training specialists at the stomatological departments the principles of continuity and inter-department integration are maintained (a course on models, propaedeutics, then a clinical course). Modern stomatological technologies are used in instruction, problems of implantation, cermet and other prosthesis, treatment of stomatological diseases are studied. Educational process is conducted well thanks to optimal methodical and material support. Practical classes are taught on the basis of Republican clinical hospital named after N. A. Semashko, Republican children clinical hospital, department hospital at the station of Simferopol, City hospital №7, in clinical halls of the department of orthopedic stomatology. Students have practical training in medical institutions of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, the Kherson region, on the basis of stomatological departments.

During the last years material and technical support of instruction has improved much: educational area of laboratories has increased, the number of computer classes have reached 14 with 125 computers, 50 rooms have been equipped with audiovisual devices. New apparatuses, instruments and filling materials are constantly bought for stomatological departments.

At the faculty there are good traditions of post-diploma training of highly qualified specialists in clinical ordinature, mastership, postgraduate courses in stomatological specialties. Postgraduates are trained successfully at the departments of dermatological-venereal diseases, of otolaryngology, of surgical stomatology. Masters and clinical ordinators are taught at the departments of therapeutic, surgical, children stomatology, surgical diseases with the course of urology, forensic medicine.

Stomatological departments together with the departments of dermatological-venereal diseases and surgical diseases take part in the scientific program on the state theme «Elaboration of prophylactic and medical remedies on the basis of components of aromatic plants and their introduction into medical practice». Results of the researches of the faculty members are constantly introduced into educational process and medical practice, published as monographs and textbooks. During the last three years 296 works were published, including 4 monographs, 2 textbooks, more than 300 methodical recommendations, 260 articles (6 of them in international journals); 21 patents received. In 2000 the head of the department of surgical diseases with the course of urology V. V. Zhebrovsky issued a practical manual «Early and late post-operative complications in the abdominal surgery» and was awarded the honorary title of the State Prize laureate of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea.

Scientific approach is necessary in forming clinical thinking of future specialists. Most active participants of students’ scientific societies of the stomatological faculty publish the results of their researches in Medical-biological journal of young scientists and students of Medical Academy, then they continue professional researches in the mastership, postgraduate courses and ordinature. The best became the members of the University, leading specialists in public health, chiefs of private stomatological clinics.

The students of the faculty not only grasp the secrets of the specialty, but also may have a good rest, increase their cultural level. Days of the Faculty, competitions for the title Miss and Mister of the University, literary soirees of the club Inspiration are very popular among the students. The faculty organizes trips to wonderful places of the Crimea for students and teachers, which leave unforgettable impressions.

The staff of the department: 2 Professors, 2 assistant Professors, 6 assistants, 3 laboratory assistants.

The department was founded in 1991 on the base of the surgical department of clinical hospital at the station of Simferopol.

At the department students of all the faculties are taught. They study general surgery with a care of patients in the second year, surgical diseases in the third year, military surgery in the fourth year at the stomatological faculty, and faculty surgery in the fourth year at the medical (including international) faculties.

The members of the department worked out and published methodical recommendations in teaching the above-mentioned subjects. 3 collections of lectures in surgical diseases were printed.

The main scientific problem studied at the department is diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases of the anterior gastric wall. During 10 years 7 Candidate. theses were defended, 3 master’s theses were carried out. The themes of 2 doctoral dissertations were approved. 4 Candidate. theses are being conducted now. 159 scientific works and 1 monograph were published.


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