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About department

Historical Background

The dermatovenerologic department was founded in 1934. The first head of the department was Professor M. I. Per (1934-1937). Further the department was headed by:

  • N. I. Torsuev, Professor, the Honoured Worker of Science (1938-1945)
  • I. I. Milyavsky, Associate Professor (1945-1946)
  • G.G.Kondrat'ev, Professor (1946-1953)
  • V. N. Pirlik, Professor (1954-1959)
  • N. I. Metlitsky, Professor (1959-1971)
  • Yu. I. Rodin, Professor (1971-2000)
  • O. A. Pritulo, Professor (2000 to present).

For the period of the department existence 5 doctoral and 11 candidate's theses have been defended. 6 monographs, 3 popular science brochures, 6 methodical letters, 10 collections of scientific works, over 600 scientific articles have been published. 10 certificates of invention have been received and 36 rationalization proposals have been put into practice.


Disciplines of the Department:

  • Skin and Venereal Diseases – to 4-year students of 1, 2 medical faculty, stomatological faculty.
  • Curative Cosmetic Means – to 5-year students of pharmacologtical faculty.
  • Cosmetology – to 2-year students of stomatological faculty.


Direction of Scientific Work of the Department:

Elaboration and introduction of principally new methods of diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of some skin and venereal diseases.


Students’ Scientific Circle:

At the department the students’ scientific circle works in speciality “Skin and Venereal Diseases”. Supervising professor of the circle is Associate Professor Ngema M. V.

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