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About department

Historical Background

The department of radiodiagnostics and radioherapy was organized in 1960. From 1960 to 1967 Granovskaya Nina Nickolaevna was the head of the department.

In the process of training at the department the students master all modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of different diseases of organs and systems in a human organism. The bases of the department are roentgenologic, radiological and ultrasound departments of the Crimean republican institution the “Clinical hospital named after N. I.Semashko” and radiation department of University clinic, all provided with modern medical equipment.

In the process of training the students study traditional radiodiagnostics, bases of angiography, computerized axial tomography (CAT), interventional radiology, radionuclide [scintigraphic] diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and bases of radiation therapy.

Undergraduates, residents and postgraduates are trained at the department.


Disciplines of the Department:

  • “Radiodiagnostics” and “Radiology, Radiation Medicine" are taught to 3-year students of the 1, 2 medical, international and stomatological faculties.
  • “Radiation Medicine" – to 4-year students of stomatological faculty.
  • “Radiation Medicine" – to 5-year students of the 1, 2 medical and international faculties.


Scientific Work:

  • The basic scientific researches are carried out to study the functional and morphological state of the alimentary tract after primary and recurrent reconstructive operations on the stomach, to make investigations in radiocardiology, arterial architectonics of parenchymatous organs, medical effect of Chernobyl radiation accident.
  • Under supervision of head of the department Professor A. I. Kradinov five doctoral and ten candidate's theses have been defended.
  • Nowadays the scientific researches are carried out on the theme “Ways of efficacy increase of radiotherapy of malignant tumours of larynx and pharynx ” and “Diagnostic and prognostic criteria of efficacy estimation of health resort rehabilitation of patients at degenerative-dystrophic diseases of spine and at pulmonary tuberculosis“.
  • While performing these works, along with clinical methods the modern methods of research are used in clinic: duplex ultrasonic scanning, CT and MRI.
  • At the department a students’ scientific circle works constantly. Candidate of Medical Sciences, assistant Savin A. A. is responsible for students’ scientific society.
  • Diagnostic and prognostic criteria of efficacy estimation of rehabilitation treatment at degenerative-dystrophic and traumatic damages of spine and nonactive forms of pulmonary tuberculosis in teenagers are elaborated.
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