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About department

Short review about the history of the department.

The department was organized in 2000. In different period of time the department was headed by Professor Baskakov P.N., Associate Professor Torsuev A. N., Professor Zabolotnov V. A.

2 Doctors of Science and 11 Candidates of Science were trained at the department.


The list of disciplines taught by the department:

• obstetrics;

• gynecology;

• perinatology.

Here are the following training programs at the department:

• internship program for obstetrician-gynecologists;

• internship program for family doctors;

• accreditation cycles, thematic advanced training for obstetrician-gynecologists;

• accreditation cycles, thematic advanced training for family doctors;

• postgraduate courses for obstetrician-gynecologists;

• clinical residency for obstetrician-gynecologists;

• Master training for obstetrician-gynecologists.


Scientific interests of the department staff are focused on:

• Female reproductive health;

• Prognosis, prevention and treatment of the pathologies of female reproductive system;

• Family planning;

• Antenatal protection of fetus and newborn. Rehabilitation;

• Prevention and prenatal diagnostics of inborn malformations and inherited diseases;

• Incomplete and post-term pregnancy;

• Anomalies of labour activity;

• Pathology of hepatobiliary system in expectant mothers;

• Late gestational toxicosis in pregnant women;

• Extragenital pathology and pregnancy;

• Cesarean section in modern obstetrics;

• Emergencies in obstetrics and gynecology;

• Children gynecology;

• Gynecological endocrinology;

• Prevention and treatment of genital inflammatory process;

• Gynecological oncology.

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