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About department

Historical Background:

The department of Physics (further Biophysics) belongs to the oldest departments of the University; it was founded in 1931. The first head of the department was Professor I.I. Popov (over the period 1931 - 1947). In 1947-1983 the department was headed by a prominent scientist and educator Professor V.D.Yermolenko, a person of active life position. In 1983-2005 the department of biophysics was headed by a distinguished scientist and erudite person, Prof. V.F.Rusyayev. He created and introduced a unique lecture course, composed a set of situational problems and tests, which describe medical problems in the language of physics and mathematics, that is of great importance for practical and theoretical medicine.

The department of Medical Informatics was founded in1999, from the very beginning it was headed by a talented organizer and expert of education problems N.V. Chirsky. Due to Prof А.А. Gorlov (1966-2009), an eminent scientist and Person from the capital letter, the scientific and methodical work of the department was permanently at a high level, the department always helped students and doctors in mastering information technologies and methodology of evidentiary medicine.

The department of Medical Physics and Informatics was founded in September, 2005 as a result of joining the departments of Medical Informatics and Biophysics. Till September, 2011 the joint department was headed by N.V. Chirsky, who managed to unite the potential of both parts of the department and improve the quality of teaching the discipline.

Nowadays the head of the department is P. Ye. Grigor’yev, Doctor of Biological Sciences. Maintaining the traditions of the department, its members nowadays work on introduction into the training process of new software necessary for future doctors and researchers, creation of new laboratory works, development of students’scientific work, etc.

Disciplines of the Department:
• Medical and Biological Physics, Biophysics, Higher Mathematics, Information Technologies in Pharmacy are taught to the 1-year students of the 1, 2 medical and International medical faculties, Dentistry faculty, Pharmaceutical faculty
• Medical Informatics, Information Technologies in Pharmacy, Biophysics and Physical Methods of Analysis are taught to the 2-year students  of the 1, 2 medical and International medical faculties, Dentistry faculty, Pharmaceutical faculty
• Medical Informatics is taught to residence students following postgraduate training programs.

Scientific Work:

At present the scientific activity of the department is headed upward. The scientific research is carried out in the following directions:
• Study of the functional state and mechanisms of reactions of biological systems at SHF electromagnetic radiations of low intensity range (director of research is associate professor Rybalko S.Yu.);
• Development, introduction and research of efficiency of new methods of teaching the disciplines “Medical Physics” and “Medical Informatics” (director of research is associate professor Pronina N.V.);
• Information technologies in research of the system “Human – Environment” (director of research is Grigor'ev P.E., Doctor of Biological Sciences).

At the department 2 doctoral dissertations are carried out by S.Yu. Rybalko and N.M.Ovsyannikova, and 3 Candidate's ones by T.Yu. Cheskaya, Т.А. Sokolova, М.G. Shchegoleva).

Associate professor Pronina N.V. is considered to be the unique specialist in teaching Medical and Biological Physics to foreign students, applying the effective author's methods of training in her work.

The department invites to collaboration students, the seekers of the degree, specialists, doctors – all those who are interested in mutual scientific work on the topical problems of medical physics and informatics.

Traditionally the department renders consultative help to the university seekers of the degree working on dissertations in mathematical data processing and correct application of statistical methods.

Students’ Scientific Circle:

The young talented lecturer and popularizer of physics A.P. Voitenko is in charge of work of students’ scientific circle.

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