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Challenging Progress

Bogadelnikov Igor Vladimirovich – Rector of CSMI in 1989-1996
Lecture Building

The new Rector was elected in February, 1989, for the first time in the Institute’s history the election was held on alternative basis. Professor I. V. Bogadelnikov was elected the Rector.

He set out for reorganizing the activities of the Institute under severe conditions of disintegration of the USSR and appearing of independent Ukraine, in a difficult economic situation with transition to the market system. The focus was on the major tasks of surviving, preserving the core of the teachers’ body, strengthening the material base, keeping the level of training high, supporting the research activities. The Institute workers were mastering commercial activities, learning how to earn money.

In 1991, over 3 thousand students were being trained at the Institute, with nearly 600 foreigners from 54 countries in that number. 540 teachers, including 83 doctors of science and about 350 candidates of science, were engaged in that process.

Since 1992, the Institute has been training foreign students on contract basis, and since 1994 - citizens of Ukraine and CIS. The financial assets obtained through commercial activities allowed for repairing the equipment, acquiring modern devices and appliances, scientific and educational literature, building. At that very time computerization of the teaching process began. In 1995, the Institute local network and the first computer classroom were provided; in 1996 the Institute already had such 12 computer classrooms.

The research field was expanding. In the middle of the nineties, there were 10 specialized scientific laboratories where about 60 highly qualified experts worked. The Institute’s scientists established contacts with large medical and science centers of the world.

The achievements of the Institute’s workers in the research field and training medical specialists for foreign countries were appraised: in July, 1995, the Crimean State Medical Institute was accredited for the IV (highest) level and granted the autonomy status.

On December 8, 1995, by Decree of the Cabinet Council of Ukraine the Institute was named after S. I. Georgievsky who greatly contributed to restoration and development of the Institute and to the growth of its recognition and popularity in Ukraine and abroad.

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