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War. Revival

Tatevosov Sergei Romanovich - Director of CSMI in 1941-1946
Larin Vladimir Ivanovich - Director of CSMI in 1946-1951 

On June 22, 1941, the war began; nevertheless, the end-of-year and graduation examinations were carried out. Almost all the graduates – 240 doctors – were called up for military service. The Director of the Institute M. I. Salkov and many teachers volunteered for the front and left too.

Professor Tatevosov became the Director, and he was supervising the Institute through all those difficult years of the war.

In the middle of September 1941, when the fascists had come nearer to Crimea, the Institute prepared for evacuation. Soon, on September 26, almost all the teachers and over 500 senior students settled in Armavir of Krasnodar territory, and in three days the studies began. However, the enemy approached Armavir, and again evacuation became necessary. The teachers and students were on the move for almost a year, first going to Dzhambul, then back to Armavir, then to Ordzhonikidze, Baku, Krasnovodsk, and Kzyl-Orda – a small Kazakh city where two graduations of medical doctors were carried out. On the total, from June 1941 till July 1944, the Institute trained up 850 doctors.

During the war, hundreds of students and graduates of the Institute and over 40 teachers participated in the operations of the field army and navy, and in the partisan movement. Not all of them returned home from the battlefields: among the graduates and employees of the Institute, the lives of more than 120 persons were lost.

In memory of their feat of arms and to the 30-year anniversary of the liberation of Simferopol from the fascist aggressors, in 1974 on the territory of the Institute a monument was erected – a majestic figure of a military surgeon.

Crimea was liberated by the spring of 1944, and, having completed the academic year in Kzyl-Orda, the Institute returned to Simferopol. In the years of occupation the main educational block, the club, the sports hall, and the hostel were totally destroyed. It was necessary to restore the Institute to life.The whole staff of the Institute did its outmost to start the academic year in time, and they succeeded.

In 1946, V. I. Larin was appointed the Director of the Institute. He contributed much to restoration of the material resources of the Institute, organization of educational and scientific work in the post-war years.

With dignity and honour, The Crimean Medical Institute overcame all the difficulties of the military period and the post-war time.

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