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About Department 

   Today international collaboration is one of the main priorities of the Institute "Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky". International development provides to students and teachers with a wide range of opportunities to apply and improve their professional skills in the field of medicine, as well as contributes to meeting the needs of society and the state of highly qualified medical personnel.
    The Department of international relations deals with the tasks of international development of the Institute.
Goals and direction of the department:
  • Increasing the credibility of the Institute in the system of higher education of the Russian Federation and the international community.
  • Development of internationalization of educational and scientific activities.
  • Development and implementation of international development plans.
  • Improvement of competitiveness and promotion of the Institute's brand in the international market of educational services.
Tasks of the department:
  • Strategic planning and monitoring of international activities of the Institute.
  • Identification of the Institute's position in the international arena in order to strengthen the activity of the university in the international educational market;
  • Development of export of educational services  and preparation of high-level medical personnel for foreign countries;
  • Monitoring the dynamics of international educational needs.
  • Development of information and advertising activities to promote and popularize the Institute in the international scientific and educational space;
  • Development of plans and proposals to improve international activities at the Institute, based on the achievements of domestic and foreign centers for scientific research;
  • Developing and maintaining the English-language version of the Institute's official website;
  • Improvement of conditions for international students at the Institute campus;
  • Assisting in adaptation to the conditions of study and socialization of international students, solving social and domestic issues;
  • Internationalization of student life, support of events held by international students;
  • Familiarization of foreign students with their legal status, rules of residence and movement within Russia, and control over compliance with these rules;
  • Registration of documents for migration registration, removal from the migration registration, extension of the validity of multiple-entry visas for foreign students in the Department of Internal Affairs of Russia in Simferopol;
  • Registration of invitations for foreign students and applicants.

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