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From history of the S. I. Georgievsky Crimean Medical Academy


1 April 1931 – the grand opening of the Crimean Medical Institute, was formed of a medioprophylactic faculty. The first three lectures were read - in chemistry, physics and anatomy.

25 September 1931 – the institution was named after Stalin, it was bearing his name till April 1956.

17 February 1936 – the first graduation. 97 students got doctor's qualification (18 - honors diplomas). Another 94 graduates got diplomas in July.

1 September 1939 – the opening of the pediatric faculty.

1939 – medioprophylactic faculty was renamed to medical.

September 1941 - August 1944 - Institute was evacuated during World War II: Armavir, Dzhambul, again Armavir, Ordzhonikidze, Baku, Krasnovodsk, Kyzyl-Orda. Two full medical courses were completed in Kyzyl-Orda. The institute has trained 850 doctors during June 1941 - July 1944. Most of them went to the army and to the front. The destroyed academic buildings, dormitories, sports buildings were revived by institute’s team, which have returned from evacuation. 1944-45 academic year started on time in the Institute.

1951 – Sergey Ivanovich Georgievsky has been appointed principal of the institute, later the rector. Nineteen-year period - one of the brightest and most productive in the history and development of the university – referred to his name. Research and clinical base were expanded, new departments were established, the number of students increased, the scientific school was formed.

1961 – the institute (one of the first among medical schools in the Soviet Union) begun medical staff training for the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, and then for the European countries.

1966 – dean's office was created to work with international students, and later transformed into the international medical faculty.

1970 – the institute becomes a university of the first category due to the successful development. This indicates the recognition of its achievements in the educational and scientific activities.

1974 – a monument - a majestic figure of a military surgeon - was established for the 30th anniversary of the Simferopol’s liberation from fascist invaders in the memory of the feat of arms of the Crimean Medical Institute’s teachers and students.

1978 – preparatory department was created, as well as the faculty of dentistry, to which 100 students were admitted, new departments were opened.

1978-1979 – the faculty of doctors’ improvement was created and later renamed to the department of postgraduate education. Now it is the training faculty of highly qualified medical officials and additional professional education.

1981 – the institute was awarded with an order of Red Banner of Labor - for achievements in qualified specialists training for the public health and the medical science development. In the medical institutes of the former USSR ranking the institute was a member of a dozen leading universities in the country.

1987 – a medical school was created and later transformed into a medical college in 2004.

1987-1995 – during a difficult period of restructuring and the formation of the Ukrainian state the institute has successfully carried out reorganization of all parties of the university life that helped to keep the main teaching staff, to strengthen the material-technical base and to provide the necessary level of scientific research.

1994 - the international medical faculty was crated.

July 1995 – the institute was certified and accredited by IV (highest) level by Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.

8 December 1995 – the university was awarded the name of S. I. Georgievsky, who made a great personal contribution to the reconstruction and development of the university, the growth of its authority in the country and abroad.

January 1998 – Head of Government of Ukraine changed the status of the institute: it was transformed into the S. I. Georgievsky Crimean state medical university.

2002 – the university received a license to train specialists in "Pharmacy" in specialty "Clinical pharmacy".

2005 – the implemented clinic was built on the own university’s funds – educational-scientific-medical complex.

April 2006 – the university was certified IES (Institute of Education Sciences) by higher rating level of AA as a "university known and recognized all over the world."

2010 – the university obtains status of the State institution "S. I. Georgievsky Crimean state medical university"(short name S. I. Georgievsky KSMU) - Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 29.03.2010 № 36-0.

2012 – the university received a license to train masters in the field of "Public administration" in specialty "Public management in the field of health " (second higher education).

2014 – the university became a part of the federal state autonomous educational institution of higher education "V. I. Vernadsky Crimean federal university" as a structural unit "S. I. Georgievsky Medical Academy" by the Order of the Federal Government № 1465-r of 08.04.2014. 

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