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Members of department, contacts

The Head of the department is Kaladze Nikolay Nikolaevich, pediatrician, physiotherapist. Doctor of Medical Science since 1994, Professor since 1995. 

Graduation from the Crimea Medical Institute in 1967. Work in the Crimea Medical Institute since 1970. The Head of the Department of Children Physiotherapy and Balneology at the Faculty of Post-Diploma Education since 1982, since 2000 the Head of the Department of Pediatrics with the Course of Physiotherapy. Pro-Rector on Treatment Work (2004), Pro-Rector on Educational Work (2004 - 2005). Research interests concentrate on cardioreumatology and pulmonology, osteoporosis; rehabilitation of immune system in children from the regions of man-made pollution; children physiotherapy and balneology; history of medicine. Author of 997 published studies, 13 monographs, 16 guidelines, 19 patents for invention. Under the guidance of Professor Kaladze N. N. 6 post-doctoral, 32 Ph. D. and 18 Master’s theses were defended.

The head editor of the magazines “Herald in Physiotherapy and Balneology” and “Asclepius”. Full member of the Crimean and New-York Academies of Sciences. Laureate of the Prize from the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea (2001, 2001). Laureate of Duvan S. E. Prize (2003). The Honoured Doctor of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea (2004). Awarded the medals  “For Valorous Labour” (1970), gold medal “For Achievements in the Development of Health Resort Business” (2007), “For the Promotion of Armed Forces of Ukraine” (2010).

Department staff:

Trishyna Svetlana Vasilyevna, M. D., Professor.

Kradinova Elena Alexeyevna, M. D., Professor.

Buyavyih Anatoliy Gennadevich, M. D., Professor.

Lyubchik Vera Nikolayevna, M. D., Associate Professor.

Dusaleyeva Tatyana Mihailovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Olekseyenko Larisa Leontyevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Dosikova Galina Vasilyevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Babak Marina Leonidovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Slobodyan Elena Irkinovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Soboleva Elena Mihailovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Kulik Elena Ivanovna, Assistant.

Belalova Lenura Yag’yayevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Yuryeva Alla Viktorovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Morozova Ekaterina Nikolayevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Titova Elena Vasilyevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Muradosilova Lenie Ismetovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Meltseva Elena Mihailovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Revenko Natalya Anatolyevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Savelko Natalya Vasilyevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Zyukova Irina Borisovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Contact information:

The department has the following clinical sites:

In Simferopol:

1. Children clinical hospital – Karl Liebknecht Str., 31, tel. (3652)27-66-26

2. Children clinical hospital – Zhukovskiy Str., 23

3. Children clinical hospital – Semashko Str., 6

Crimean Republican Children Clinical Hospital – Titova Str., 77

Crimean Republican Children Infectious Hospital – General Rodionov  Str., 3

Maternity house No. 2 –  60-Years-of-October Str., 30


In Yevpatoria:

Municipal children clinical hospital – Ulyanov D. Str., 58

Clinical health resort “Primorye” – Franko Str., 2/27

International children health resort center “Yevpatoria”, Mayakovskiy Str., 7

Health resort “Zdravnitsa”, “Chaika”, “Yubileinyi”.

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