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Tavricheskiy Mediko-Biologicheskiy Vestnik


Founded: 1998
Problems: medicine
ISSN: 2070-8092
Certificate of registration:
ПИ № ФС77-61811 from 18.05.2015 (Russia)
KB № 3099 from 05.03.1998 (Ukraine)
Russian Science Citation Index: 287-04/2014 от 28.04.2014
Frequency: 4 issues per year
Language: Russian, English, Ukrainian
About journal: Scientific journal Tavricheskiy Mediko-Biologicheskiy Vestnik - a reviewed scientific journal in medical and biological sciences. Addressed to teachers, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students of medical universities and research organizations, practical doctors. Languages - Russian, English, Ukrainian. 4 issues per year. Cited in and Google Scholar.
Founders: V.I.Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Medical Academy named after S. I. Georgievsky
Editor: Ivanova N.V. (Simferopol, Russia)
Executive Secretary: Marina A. Plotnikova (Simferopol, Russia)
Editorial Board:
Vladimir A. Beloglazov (Simferopol, Russia)
Igor V. Bogadel’nikov (Simferopol, Russia)
Elena V. Evstaf’eva (Simferopol, Russia)
Vladimir V. Yezhov (Simferopol, Russia)
Konstantin A. Efetov (Simferopol, Russia)
Sergey I. Zhadko (Simferopol, Russia)
Nana V. Ivanova (Simferopol, Russia)
Igor I.Ivanov (Simferopol, Russia)
Andrew M. Katsev (Simferopol, Russia)
Irina L. Kliaritskaia (Simferopol, Russia)
Tatyana V. Kobec (Simferopol, Russia)
Svetlana V. Konoshenko (Simferopol, Russia)
Yuriy L. Krivorutchenko (Simferopol, Russia)
Alexander V. Matveev (Simferopol, Russia)
Viola B. Pavlenko (Simferopol, Russia)
Vasiliy S. Pikaliuk (Simferopol, Russia)
Olga A. Pritulo (Simferopol, Russia)
Anatoliy N. Rybalka (Simferopol, Russia)
Igor D. Sapegin (Simferopol, Russia
Natalia A. Temuryants (Simferopol, Russia
Irina I. Fomochkina (Simferopol, Russia)
Alexander B. Khaitovich, (Simferopol, Russia)
Elena N. Chuyan (Simferopol, Russia)
Elena Y. Shapovalova (Simferopol, Russia)
Sergey E. Shibanov (Simferopol, Russia)
G.M.Tarman (Innsbruck, Austria)
Editorial address:
V.I.Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Medical Academy named after S. I. Georgievsky 
blvd., 5 /7, Simferopol, Russia, 295051
Tel.: (3652) 55-49-45

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