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Members of department, contacts

The department is headed by Bezrukov Sergey Grigoryevich, D. M., Professor.

Born on 20 April, 1954 in Tiraspol, Moldova SSR. Graduate of the Dentistry Faculty of Odessa Medical Institute (1976). Career: 1976-79 – dental surgeon of the Simferopol municipal dental policlinic; 1979-80 – resident physician of the Crimea Medical Institute; 1980-83 – post-graduate student of the Kiev Institute of Medical Refresher Courses; 1983-91 - assistant; 1991-94 – Associate Professor; from 1994 he has been Professor of the Department of Dental Surgery of the Crimea State Medical University. From 1992 – the department chair.

Doctoral thesis: “Cysts of Major and Minor Salivary Glands (Experimental Clinical Research)”, defended in 1983 (Kiev).

Postdoctoral thesis: “Pathogenesis and Treatment of Chronic Sialadenitis” – defended in 1991 (Moscow).

Author of over 250 published works, 28 inventions, 23 innovation proposals, 11 study guides.

The main directions of his research and practice are as follows:
- diseases of salivary glands;
- optimizing healing of face and neck injuries.

Under the supervision of Professor Bezrukov S. G. 17 doctoral theses were successfully defended.

Corresponding member of the Crimean Academy of Sciences. President of the Crimean Association of Implantologists and vice-president of the Crimean Association of Dentists. Chairmen of the board of the Crimean Charity Fund of Medical Workers.

In 2004 Bezrukov S. I. completed his study at the Faculty of Medical Administration (part-time) in the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine of the Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration and received diploma with honors. His master thesis was titled “The Role of Public Organizations in the Formation of State Policy in the Field of Public Health “.

Department staff:

Fillipova Ludmila Alexandrovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Kaladze Kirill Nikolaevich, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor, the head of teaching department, deputy dean of the Dentistry Faculty on junior students.

Moroz Vladimir Romanovich, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Salieva Zarina Seiranovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Balabantseva Alexandra Nikolaevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Kirichenko Vyacheslav Nikolaevich, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Saenko Vladimir Leonidovich, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Zaitova Rushana Yusufovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Bom Konstantin Georgievich, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Roganov Gennady Georgievich, Assistant.

Grigorieva Tatiana Saakovna, Assistant.

Contact information:

295051, 69 Kievskaya Str., Simferopol, Republican Clinical House named after N. A. Semashko. Tel.: (3652)247-599; (3652)247-569.

Simferopol municipal dental polyclinic. tel.: (3652)271-315.

The hospital for railwaymen of Simferopol station, ORL-department. tel.: (3652)247-220.

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