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Members of department, contacts

The head of the department is Rybalka Anatoly Nikolayevich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, and Academician of the Crimean Academy of Sciences.

Author of 632 published scientific works, including those in the international editions; 14 monographs and textbooks, 74 guidelines and study guides for doctors and students, 5 inventions, 48 rational proposals. Under the supervision of Professor A. N. Rybalka over 30 doctoral and post-doctoral theses were defended.

In recognition of his many contributions to the science and practice of medicine Professor Rybalka A. N. was included in the catalogue of the International Biographic Center (Cambridge, England, 09.07.2004). Also he was included in number of 500 “Outstanding Personalities of the Crimea of ХХ century”; “Man of the year – 2005”– decision of the American Biographical Institute, USA. 9 May, 2001 International Astronomical Union named Planet № 426673 “RYBALKA” after Professor A.N. Rybalka (registered in the International Catalogue under No. 126074). In 2006 Rybalka was awarded the letter of commendation of the presidium of Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Department staff:

Baskakov Petr Nikolayevich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

Babich Tatyana Yurevna, Professor.

Sulima Anna Nikolaevna, Professor.

Dizha Margarita Alexeevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Khomulenko Igor Alexandrovich, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Kovalenko Eugenia Pavlovna, Associate Professor.

Anikin Sergey Sergeevich, Associate Professor.

Egorova Yana Anatolevna, Associate Professor.

Simacheva Svetlana Anatolevna, Associate Professor.

Zakhotey Sergey Ivanovich, Assistant.

Ziyadinov Arsen Ablyamitovich, Assistant.

Contact information:

Maternity hospital No. 1: 295000, Simferopol, 8 Vorovsky Str., tel. (3652) 27-40-22.

Maternity hospital No. 2: 295024, Simferopol, 30, 60-years of October Str., tel. (3652) 49-19-08.

Center for maternity and childhood protection: 295034, Simferopol, 16 Bogdan Khmelnitsky Str., tel. (3652) 25-05-33.

Women’s health clinic No. 1: 295038, Simferopol, 44/50 Baturina Str., tel. (3652) 44-14-04.

Municipal women’s health clinic: 295034, Simferopol, 24/22 Polevaya Str., tel. (3652) 25-95-94.

Republican clinical hospital named after N. A. Semashko, Gynecology Department: 295050, Simferopol, 67 Kievskaya Str., tel. (3652) 24-75-82.

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