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Members of department, contacts

The head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology is Yury Leonidovich Krivorutchenko, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, has been heading the department since 01.09.1999.

In 1997 Krivorutchenko Yu. L. graduated from the Crimea Medical Institute. 1977-1981 he was working as a surgeon in the medical institutions of Kherson and Yalta. From 1982 to 1983 Krivorutchenko Yu. L. was working as laboratory doctor in Yalta Research Institute of Balneology named after I.M. Sechenova. From 1983 until the present timeг he has been working at the Crimea State Medical University.

From 1984 within cosmic biotechnical project “Tavria” under the supervision of Professors Troitsky G. V., Azhitsky G. Yu.and Krivoshein Yu. S. he had been participating in the development of technologies for the isolation of viral proteins under the conditions of microgravity and in the experiments on the board of cosmic orbital complexes “Soyuz-7”-“Soyuz-13”-“Soyuz-14”. The received findings underlay his Ph. D. thesis. His doctoral thesis he defended in 2000. It was devoted to the study of anti-AIDS and immunomodulatory properties of derivates of muramyl dipeptide (MDP) and saponins from the Crimean ivy. The work was directed at the creation of new immunoadjuvants for experimental vaccines against AIDS and was carried out in cooperation with the scientists of Switzerland and Finland. From 2001 until the present time Krivorutchenko Yu. L. has studied: (1) susceptibility of yeast-like fungi isolated from AIDS-infected and patients with other pathologies to antibiotics, antiseptics, saponins and other experimental substances; (2) antiviral and immunomodulatory properties of saponins and MDP derivates on the model of grip in mice; (3) changes of bactericidal activity of blood serum in patients with hepatocirrhosis, diabetes mellitus and in patients with surgical abdominal pathology.

Professor Krivorutchenko Yu. L. is author of 110 printed scientific works and 14 academic works, has 3 author certificates on USSR inventions, 2 patents on the invention of Russian Federation and 1 patent on the invention of Ukraine. Co-author of the textbook “Medical Microbiology, Virology and Immunology”/ edit. Shyrokobokova V. P., Vinnetsa: Nova Knyga,  2011.- 952 p.

Department staff:

Khaitovich Alexandr Borisovich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

Andronovskaya Irina Borisovna, Ph. D. in Biology, Associate Professor.

Logadyr’ Tatyana Alexeevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Pavlova Natalya Viktorovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Tyshkevich Lubov Vasilyevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Myasnikova Olga Nikolayevna, Senior Teacher, Assistant.

Sarachan Tamara Alexandrovna,  Ph. D. in Medicine, Senior Teacher.

Kirsanova Marina Alexandrovna, Ph. D. in Biology, Assistant.

Malygina Veronika Yuryevna, Assistant.

Postnikova Olga Nikolayevna, Assistant.

Shejko Elena Anatol'evna, Ph. D. in Biology, Assistant.

Shevkoplyas Ludmila Alexandrovna, Assistant.

Contact information:

Address: 5/7 Lenin Avenue, block No. 5.

Tel.: (3652) 554-934.

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