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About department

The next dissertations were done and confirmed:


1. Zavadskiy N.V. About pathogenesis of middle ear’s cholesteatoma and the role of the early child's age recurrence otitis in its etiology. – 1971

2. Zavadskiy A.V. The influence of the disturbance of the process of the temporal bone pneumatization on the development and duration of different forms of inflammatory diseases of middle ear. - 2005


1. Slavinskaya K.A. The Primary suture in a case of mastoidotomy. - 1949

2. Zavadskiy N.V. Using  of  X-rays at conservative treatment of patients with chronic purulent epitympanitis. - 1955

3. Loseva D.V. To the question about changes in an organism at chronic tonsillitis. - 1955

4. Sluchanko A.P. Role of the treatment with the mud in complex therapy of chronic middle purulent otitis. - 1959

5. Bondarenko A.A. Diseases of upper respiratory tracts in children with bronchial asthma and their treatment on resorts. - 1967

6. Kuz'mishchenko V.I. The symptoms and treatment of allergic rhynosinusopathy. - 1968

7. Balabantsev A.G. Materials to the study of etiology, pathogeny, clinic and treatment chronic allergic rhynosinusopathy. - 1974

8. Zavadskiy A.V. Pathogenic treatment of inflammation and dysfunctions of otosalpinx for patients with the chronic middle purulent otitis. - 1984

9. Drozdov V.N. Changes of upper respiratory tracts as a result of influence of some chemical matters of the different action in the conditions of galvanic workshop of electromechanic production. - 1986

10. Ntutumu A.N. Pathogenic treatment of the recurrences of the purulent middle otitis for the children of early age. - 1987

11. ObshchIy S.I. Using of low-energy laser radiation in complex treatment of the recurrences of the polypous ethmoiditis. - 1992

12. Bogdanov V.V. The osteoplastic operations on paranasal sinuces with the use of allografts. - 1993

13.  Zavaliy M.A. Treatment of inflammatory diseases of paranasal sinuces with the use of  “Myramistin” - antiseptic with the surface activity. - 1998

14. Zolotareva M.A. Clinical and experimental groundings of efficiency of helium-neon laser irradiation at treatment of chemical burns of gullet. - 1998

15. Kobitskiy M.M. Treatment of patients with chronic catarrhal rhinitis with the use of the nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drug and immune response-modulating drugs. - 2005

16. Poberskiy D.A. The condition of antiendotoxic immunity of patients with the different forms of polypous rhynosinusitis. - 2005

17. Kalinkin V.P. Using of specific immunotherapy in antirecurrent treatment of patients with polypous rhynosinusitis, associating with persistent allergic rhinitis. - 2006

The most grate contribution in the development of the department was made by




The staff of the department began a new coil of the development with the creative plans on the future. The successful work of training of the skilled doctors for practical medicine continues. The staff of the department extends the range of scientific researches, provide the high level of medicare to the population. The collective of department saves and increases traditions founded by theirs teachers and tutors.

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