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Members of department, contacts

Head of the Department of Medical Physics and Informatics is Grigor’yev Pavel Yevgenievich, Doctor of Biological Sciences in speciality “Medical and  Biological Informatics and Cybernetics”, Candidate of Biological Sciences in speciality “Biophysics”.

He has two higher educations in “ Radio Physics and Electronics” and “Practical Psychology”.

He belongs to the Crimean school of heliobiology, founded by Prof. A.M. Volynsky, B.M. Vladimirsky in 1960s in Crimea medical institute. In cooperation with scientists of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia and other countries he carries out interdisciplinary research in subject areas of medical informatics, psychology, noospherology, ecologic physiology, biophysics of complex systems. He is the author of over 140 scientific works, including 3 monographs, over 90 articles in native and foreign journals, 5 training methodical manuals.

Department Staff:

Pronina Natalya Vladimirovna, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor.

Rybalko Sergei Yurievich, Ph. D. in Biology, Associate Professor.

Ovsyannikova Natalya Mikhailovna, Ph. D. in Biology.

Islyamov Ruslan Ismetovich, Ph. D. in Biology, Assistant.

Leifer Pyotr Naumovich, Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Assistant.

Shchegoleva Marina Gennadievna, Senior Lecturer.

Vishnevskaya Oksana Vasilievna, Assistant.

Voitenko Anna Petrovna, Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Assistant.

Garmash Anna Pavlovna, Assistant.

Cheskaya Tamila Yurievna, Assistant.

Abramov Dmitriy Gennadievich, Assistant.

Demarko Anna Viktorovna, Assistant.

Murtazaeva Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, Assistant.

Olenchuk Andrey Vasilevich, Assistant.

Karpovich Anna Vladimirovna, Assistant.

Pritulenko Andrey Sergeevich, Assistant.

Bahov Valeriy Andreevich, Assistant.

Goldberg Dmitriy Leonidovich, Teacher.

Gimatov Varez Gazizovich, Senior Laboratory.

Zharikova Tatyana Leonidovna, Senior Laboratory.

Taratuhin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Assistant.

Medvedeva Svetlana Vladimirovna, Assistant.


Contact information:

Crimea, Simferopol, 5/7, Lenin blvd, building 2, 2а; tel. (3652) 554-770;


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