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Members of department, contacts

A Head of Foreign Language Department – Yagenich Larisa Viktorovna, PhD in Methodology, Associated Professor. The dissertation was defended in 2007 (specialization 13.00.02 –  Theory and Methodology of  Foreign Language Teaching) in Kiev National Linguistic University. The Diploma of Associated Professor was obtained in 2011. There are 36 scientific works and 6 course books. The department has been headed since 1 September 2011. A chief of department is  a head of commission and a manager of a special course for other department lectures in the academy.

Department staff:

Chernyshova Tatiana Georgievna,  Ph.D, Associate Professor.

Kushnareva Tatiana Ivanovna,  Ph.D, Associate Professor.

Logvina Svetlana Andreevna,  Ph.D, Associate Professor.

Mazinov Akhtem Seit-Ametovich,  Ph.D, Associate Professor.

Kochergina LyudmilaVasilevna, Senior Lecturer.

Printseva Nina Urevna, Senior Lecturer.

Sakhno Ekaterina Mikhailovna, Senior Lecturer.

Kirillova Irina Igorevna, Senior Lecturer.

Vazinovskaya Irina Konstantinovna, Senior Lecturer.

Akulova Elena Evgenevna, Lecturer.

Kosova Liliya Urevna, Lecturer.

Sivtceva Alexandra Sergeevna, Lecturer.

Sidor Larisa Nikolaevna, Lecturer.

Siritsa Ekaterina Alexandrovna, Lecturer.

Sheremet Darya Vladimirovna, Lecturer.

Nikitina Mariya Sergeevna.

Contact information:

The address of the department is 5/7, Lenin blvd., building 2, floor 3; telephones: (3652)294-937 (head of the department); (3652)294-830 (the assistant and the lecturer’s room).

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