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Nowadays in a difficult situation of possible acts of terror everyone should be able to behave in such a way as to prevent a possible acts of terror and to help others.


Actions for the explosive object detection

After finding a suspicious object in public transport you should question all passengers. 

If the owner is not found, immediately inform the driver.

Having found out the ownerless suspicious object in the entrance of the house, interrogate neighbors. Report the police if the owner is not found.


Remember that the most common household items - bags, boxes, backpacks, bags, briefcases, toys are used most often to mask the explosive devices.

If you find a suspicious object in the establishment, audience, etc., immediately inform the guard, the administration.


Do not come up close to a suspicious object, do not try to open or move the package yourself.

Remember the time of detection, warn others about the danger, you should be sure to wait for specialists, as your information can help them.

Do not take any actions with suspicious objects by yourself!


Actions when shooting in the human settlement:

In the street:

  • Immediately lie down and standstill, look around and find a shelter - a ditch, a concrete bin, a corner of the building, a curb stone, etc.
  • Carefully move behind the shelter by crawling.
  • Keep in mind that fast, feverish movements can provoke fire. Behave as calmly as possible!

In the house (apartment):

  • Do not stand near the windows!
  • Hide in the room where the windows are not - bathroom, toilet, etc.
  • If after a firefight there is a need to help to the injured people you should loudly warn about it.

Hostage taking actions:

  • When traveling, dress modestly and unpretentious;
  • Do not bring with yourself materials of a religious, political, military nature;
  • Do not carry documents that prove your social status;
  • As quickly as possible, calm down and do not panic, do not show unnecessary heroism;
  • Stay away from windows, doors and criminals;
  • Do not bother or contradict criminals;
  • Ask for permission to take such actions as to stand up, sit down, go to the toilet;
  • Hand your things compliantly if the terrorists so require;
  • Avoid the direct visual contact whenever possible, talk politely, calmly, answer questions briefly;
  • During the interrogation speak a lot and freely about the abstract themes but avoid details in matters that may harm you or others;
  • To support the health eat everything that is offered to you;
  • Observe the criminals and try to memorize as much information about terrorists as possible.

The actions of students during the explosive device detection:

  • If you find the suspicious object or the package, do not take it in your hands, do not move it, do not unwrap it.
  • Switch off the mobile phones.
  • Inform the management, the guard, the duty officer about the finding thing.
  • Notify the law enforcement agencies and the emergency service.
  • Organize the guarding of the place where the item is found.

Actions of victims after the explosion:

If you are not overwhelmed with debris of walls, ceilings:

  • Disconnect gas, water;
  • Take away your belongings and leave the room;
  • Do not use open fire;
  • Do not turn on electric light;
  • Do not use the elevator;
  • If necessary, put on a bulky dressing (or its analog);
  • To assist neighbors;
  • If the door is jammed signal the voice through the window.

If you are covered with debris of walls, ceilings:

  • Call for help from neighbors;
  • Create the noise, knock to attract attention;
  • If possible, get rid of the obstruction.


Interior Ministry troops: 25-82-83, 734-414, 251-302 – officer on duty in the city (Kiyivskiy district)

Federal Security Service: 771-020, 771-030 - hot-line (service).

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