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Members of department, contacts

The head of the Department - Ushakov Alexey Vitalyevich, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor.

Born 20 January, 1970 in Simferopol. 1992 graduated with distinction from the Crimea Medical Institute. 1994 completed clinical ordinatura (post-graduate study) on the specialty “Cardiology”. From 1996 he worked as assistant, from 2002 as Assistant Professor of the Department of Hospital Therapy No. 1, from 2008 as Pro-Rector on treatment work, professor of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 1 of CSMU. In 1996 he defended his Ph. D. thesis titled: “Contracting Ability of Myocardium and Functional Characteristic of Blood Albumin in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus”, in 2007 doctoral thesis titled: “Myocardial Infarction in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus: Pathogenic Characteristics and Approaches to the Optimization of Treatment“. Ushakov V. A. is Board Certified in Cardiology (Highest Category ).

Author of over 90 scientific works, 7 monographs and study guides, has 2 patents. Under his supervision 3 Ph. D. theses, 3 Master theses were defended and now 5 post-graduates are working on their Ph. D. theses under Ushakov’s supervision.

The main direction of his research is the study of pathogenic mechanisms affecting cardio-vascular system in endocrine pathology and systemic metabolic disorders.

From 1998 Ushakov V. A. has been participating in the international programs on the study of new medicines for the treatment of cardiac insufficiency, arterial hypertension, ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction.

Department staff:

Legkonogov Alexandr Viktorovich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

Konyaeva Elena Ivanovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Koryt’ko Irina Nikolayevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Mangileva Tatyana Alexandrovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Gagarina Alina Anatolyevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Sokolovskaya Elena Alexeevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Gorynskaya Irina Yaroslavovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Zakharyan Elena Arkadyevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Odud Alexandr Mihaylovich, Associate Professor.

Kozhanova Tatyana Alexandrovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor.

Gafarova Naili Khalitovna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Mitrushkin Dmitry Igorevich, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Rezanova Natalya Valeryevna, Ph. D. in Medicine, Assistant.

Korniyenko Natalya Viktorovna, Assistant.

Miroshnichenko Elizaveta Petrovna, Assistant.

Soldatova Olga Valeryevna, Assistant.

Kuznetsov Eduard Sergeevich, Assistant.

Ivanchenko Vera Sergeevna, Assistant.

Egorova Elena Aleksandrovna, Assistant.

Contact information: 

295006, Simferopol, 5/7 Lenin Avenue, SI “Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky of Vernadsky CFU“, Department of Internal Medicine No.1 with the course Clinical Pharmacology.

Tel./Fax (3652) 225310, (3652) 225377, (3652) 542442, (3652) 543348







The main clinical site of the department – CRI “СTMA “University Clinic" Cardiologic dispensary , 295026, Simferopol, 15а Gagarina Str.


Main base: Crimean Republican Institution “ Clinical Hospital named after N.A. Semashko”, Simferopol, Kievskaya st., gastrotherapy department building. Contact telephone: (3652)373-433.


Subsidiary base: Simferopol, boul. Lenina 5/7, main building Medical Academy, 2 floor, room 39, 66, 64, 47. Contact telephone: (3652)554-930.

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